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To the Metropolitan Family,

“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”
~ Philippians 1:2

Our journey together is one of joy and hopefulness as we work together to advance the Kingdom of God. I cannot thank you enough for the loving support and encouragement that you have given to my family and me.

In Exodus 14, Moses and the children of Israel were facing a seemingly impossible set of circumstances. They were at an impasse. There was a Red Sea in front of them; they were faced with a desert and a mountain range on either side. To make matters worse, Pharaoh and his army were closing in from behind! A sense of panic had begun to spread through out the camp! Moses tried to calm their spirits by telling them to “Stand still, and see the salvation.” When he enquired of God what they should do, the Lord said to him, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward.” It seems strange to us that God would tell people who were in what looked like a “dead end” to “go forward.” However, it really wasn’t strange at all because what He had for them was in front of them. It’s called “The Promise Land!”

Metropolitan, the only viable option for us to go as a church family is “forward.” It’s alright to pause from time to time and look back at our storied history. However, if we must look back, I admonish us to “glance” at it, but don’t “gaze!” Lets set our sights forward and work together as we anticipate the great things God has in store for us as a congregation. Will there be challenges? Sure! Will we have to overcome obstacles that will test our resolve? Absolutely! However, we can rest our hopes in our God who has shown Himself to be faithful at every high and low moment in our existence as a church body! The Promise Land is just ahead of us, so let’s “go forward!”

In His Service,
Maurice Watson
Senior Servant

Download our 2017 MBC Annual Report