Responding to Harvey. Preparing for Irma. Supporting global partners.

Lott Carey Update

Water disasters have taken place in Southeast Asia, West Africa and the Southeastern United States. Additionally, a Hurricane is aiming for the Caribbean and some parts of the United States.

None of us can to everything. But all of us can do something. Here is an update on our response to Harvey, our preparation for Irma and how you can support these and international water crises.
Your Lott Carey-NBCA Disaster Services Network is doing the following:
Responding to Harvey
  • Deployed staff to support the American Red Cross coordination response.
  • Launched distribution centers in five Houston area churches.
  • Supplying and distributing resources to the Golden Triangle of Texas – Beaumont, Orange and Port Arthur.
  • Opened a disaster response center in Lake Charles, LA to house volunteers, receive shipments and distribute supplies in supporting Southeastern Texas.
  • Providing support for housing repair and displaced persons in Louisiana.
  • Deploying Lott Carey-NBCA American Red Cross trained volunteers for service in impacted areas.
Preparing for Irma
  • Consulting with American Red Cross disaster response personnel about coordinating church-based engagement in preparation for Irma.
  • Communicating with Lott Carey-NBCA churches in Florida about volunteer training to be prepared for service if they are not evacuated.
  • Identifying prospective churches that could be scaled up for shelters or distribution centers if needed.
Supporting Global Partners
  • Monitoring developments with regional partners
  • Receiving donations to send support.
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