Dr. Sherrill McMillan

Dr. Sherrill McMillan is an ordained minister, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and the Assistant to the Senior Minister for Counseling and Family Services at Metropolitan.

Dr. McMillan has been actively involved in marriage and family ministry with churches and parachurch organizations since 1978. As a training consultant, her experience extends to team building and organizational development for public and private agencies.

Dr. McMillan received her B.A. in psychology from Hampton Institute in Hampton, Virginia; the M.A. in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling from Biola University/Talbot Theological Seminary in La Mirada California; and the Ph.D. in clinical psychology from California Coast University in Santa Ana, California.

As Minister of Counseling & Family Services, Dr. McMillan has oversight of the counseling and family services needs of the Metropolitan Baptist Church; directs the Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention (CAPI) training; and serves as Ministerial Advisor for the following ministries: HIV/AIDS, Marriage Enrichment, Veterans Assistance Ministry, Survivors United, Deaf Ministry, Counseling Ministry, Adoption and Foster Care Ministry, Good Samaritan Health League, and Health Watch.